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Run Steady! Run Positive!

The Van Jura Family, Jersey’s friends, and other folks from the Harrisburg community were a motley running crew a couple weeks ago at the Jersey Mike Run!

It’s always nice to see so many people come together for a good cause and to remember our friend, Mike… Not once, but two years in a row and hopefully many years to come at the Jersey Mike 5K. And seriously, cheers to all of us for making something positive out of our loss.

Thank you to everyone for the exceptional amount of hugs, love, and “HEY DANI FRESH!” outbursts at the race. Everything is cool!

For those of you who asked me about purchasing prints or files, here’s a link to do that! http://danifresh.zenfolio.com/p156772199
If you asked me about purchasing file, just email me: dani@danifresh.com

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Brit and Justin

Seven weeks ago my close friends, Brit and Justin, lost everything they owned in a fire.  Justin broke his arm jumping from the second story balcony of their condo.  This past weekend I was finally able to go visit them in Virginia Beach.  And after the whirlwind they’ve been through, we were able to slow it down and relax.  I can’t say I’m surprised at how resilient they are after the fire.  They’ve always been an amazing force in my life and this is no different.  They have each other.  They have their family, friends, faith, and love.

Even when it’s bad, it’s still way good.

I love you guys so much.



Today’s the day, Harrisburg.  Today is always a good day to work towards making this city better.  And there is a groundswell of positive people in Harrisburg that are here to be the movers and shakers that will hit the ground running, rebuild, incite action, and maintain the good things happening here.

Tara Leo Auchey is the creator and editor of today’s the day Harrisburg, an online community news publication.  Through ttdHBG, she aims to “facilitate the free exchange of news, ideas, and calls to action which better the City of Harrisburg in any way.”  She writes a column for PennLive and the Patriot News called “Q&A with tla,” where people can ask questions pertaining to the City of Harrisburg and she will develop an informed, mindful answer.  Tara also writes monthly for The Burg Magazine and you can find past articles she’s written on the Roxbury News website.

Boiled down, she’s here to spread good the vibe.

Here is Tara in real life: