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Harrisburg Dudes. Harrisburg, dudes.

So far, so good. I haven’t run out of excuses to photograph interesting people.

Back in March, Harrisburg Magazine asked me to photograph Harrisburg area dudes for their men’s issue that came out in April. Cool Harrisburg dudes.


Some I hadn’t met before, some are good friends; all were pretty darn handsome fellas. All are active and community-conscious: they are the kind hearts that we want to keep in the Harrisburg area.

Here’s my unabashed introduction to “the dudes” in which I will repeatedly, purposefully, and a little obnoxiously, overuse the words “dude, man, and guys”:

-Bob Welsh, a heart of gold who was unapologetically wearing an “ANALOG” t-shirt. (Hell, yeah. Let’s keep this real life, guys.) Responsible for Jump Street. Do you know it? You should, dude.Bob
-Louie Marven from the Harrisburg LGBT Center, who continually inspires me and so many of our friends. Also, one of the most well spoken people I know–knowledgeable and articulate. Always a dude doing some kind of good thing.Louie
-Jordan Hill, a kind, patient, soft spoken, giant… no really, he’s tall, man. Pennlive recently spotlighted him training with the kids from Steel High in his off season after a very successful rookie year with the Seattle Seahawks. Roots, man. He has them.Jordan
-Mike Landis works for Dickinson College and is a loving family man–but I grew up listening to him play music in fire halls, youth centers, VFW basements. Man, those nights shaped who I became.Mike
-Graham Hetrick, the Dauphin County Coroner, the man with the bow tie, the first one to arrive. He’s been the coroner in Dauphin County since 1990 and I think it takes a special kind of man to be around death all the damn time and keep his wits. Good on him, man.Graham
-Jack Moore, the best dude. He asked me, “Say, you’re a photographer–so that’s your job, huh? What does that mean?” I told him that it just meant that I got to hang out with cool people and make portraits of them. He wants to hang out sometime. He has a lot of cool people for me to meet and make portraits of… perfect, man.Jack
-Eric Moon, the man behind my coif. HA! A talented stylist that laid his roots in Harrisburg but continues to travel and share his brilliant colour knowledge with other people. The best guy, the best of friends. He hasn’t just “taught me”–he has SHOWN ME that professionals in creative fields grow and change and continue to learn. Dudes, he’s one of the best guys.Eric
-Peter Allan, not a Harrisburg enthusiast, he is THE Harrisburg enthusiast. A Temple graduate, a boomerang, a mover and shaker, a friend, a musician, a kind and familiar face at Little Amps, and a damn good high-fiver (you know the kind). He’s the man with his finger on the pulse of Harrisburg. Thank goodness for that man, man.Peter

ALSO, did I mention that I got the cover? Friends, seeing one of my images on the cover of a magazine will never cease to bring great joy to my heart.

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Art & Enterprise: Harrisburg’s Entrepreneur Pipeline

Once again, Ole Dan Webster found something right up my alley… A photo story about the serge of young entrepreneurs in Harrisburg and their community collaboration. They’re our local go-getters, movers and shakers, friends, loves, and neighbors. Perhaps you’ve already seen some them in my blog. Maybe you already caught wind of the article by Dan Webster and myself in this month’s The Burg.

“…the artist in each of them should not belie the strong acumen they have for business here in Harrisburg, and as a community, we would do well to keep these folks here for a long time, so we can continue to catalyze and empower this growing paradigm of enterprisers.”

Indeed, Webster.

And here they are:

The Stash ladies Jes Flynn, Jen Merrill, Haley Harned, and Anela Selkowitz hangin’ at Little Amps with Alan Wycheck, Anela’s other business partner from Studio A.

… and high-fives from Liz Laribee.Steph Perry from Yellow Bird Cafe joining this jolly group.Anela doing her thing… Shooting photos.Ammon Perry from Yellow Bird Cafe, Peter Allan from Little Amps, and Adam Brackbill from St@rt  Up Harrisburg getting fresh cuts from Mike Lawler at Lords & Ladies.Peter Allan knows that everyone should have a copy of the last issue of Local: A Quarterly of People and Places.Steph and Ammon Perry checking out the display at the Homegrown Market with Liz Laribee.Liz and Peter getting work done at St@rt Up Harrisburg.Well, maybe with a little distraction from Adam…Adam Brackbill about to crush an awesome sandwich at Yellow Bird Cafe…And last but not least, Aaron Carlson getting dressed in the best by Jes and Anela.

HOT DOG! Another Harrisburg photoing success!


We Are Harrisburg’s Darlings…

Living most of my life in the Harrisburg area it’s energizing to feel a promising shift in the attitudes of my peers over time. I grew up hearing, “Harrisburg sucks,” “I can’t wait to get out of here,” and “There’s nothing to do here,” as a constant mindless yammering in my ear from people and kids who refused to open their eyes to opportunities and good things going on in their communities. Good vibes are made, they are not delivered to your door in a bundle by a stork. Only time, my resistance to negativity, and choosing the personalities that I wanted to be around diminished the air of entitlement close at hand. It’s refreshing to be in the company of like-minded people.

Peter (or Pete Rock as many people used to call him) left home to go to school for advertising at Temple University in Philly and then traveled all over the damn place. He found himself back in Harrisburg last February. It was temporary.

Just kidding. “It was supposed to be temporary… And then I met people and reconnected with people who were really inspiring. I decided I wanted to be a part of what was going on here.”

Wow. Yeah, I can dig that and I can certainly relate.

Now, more than ever, Peter is a valued Harrisburg key on so many different levels: as an admirable friend, an active neighbor, an organizer, an ignitor, a familiar face, and an even more familiar smile. By putting events together, booking shows, serving coffee and antics at Little Amps, and rallying people to come together, he’s becoming a driving force behind the gnarly things going on around Harrisburg.

Cheers, brother!