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Run Steady! Run Positive!

The Van Jura Family, Jersey’s friends, and other folks from the Harrisburg community were a motley running crew a couple weeks ago at the Jersey Mike Run!

It’s always nice to see so many people come together for a good cause and to remember our friend, Mike… Not once, but two years in a row and hopefully many years to come at the Jersey Mike 5K. And seriously, cheers to all of us for making something positive out of our loss.

Thank you to everyone for the exceptional amount of hugs, love, and “HEY DANI FRESH!” outbursts at the race. Everything is cool!

For those of you who asked me about purchasing prints or files, here’s a link to do that! http://danifresh.zenfolio.com/p156772199
If you asked me about purchasing file, just email me: dani@danifresh.com

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Jersey Mike Memorial Rock & Run 5K

Holy shit!  That was a ton of people!

After running out of race bibs at 350 people and having at least another 50 to 100 people walking, I realized that Jay Bowser put together what Jersey would have called a “gift.”  This event would have been the rock & roll equivalent of a sold out show at the Abbey Bar.  And in case there was a doubt in your mind, that’s incredible…

On Saturday morning, we were an enthusiastic crowd of people who came together to raise money for Mikey’s kids, show his family love and support, and show Harrisburg how he brought us together.

There is much love here.  That’s important.

Freefall, Jay, and a Hundred Unhappy Seagulls.

Sometimes your business is a lifestyle.

Jay Bowser isn’t just a talker, he’s a doer.  He’s fused everything in his life together and made himself into a compelling, dynamic tool performing interactive branding for businesses.  And don’t blink, because my man moves fast.  Business, life, wit, and damn, that guy can run.

Life and business combined, he’s a motivator and a friend.  I have awesome mentors, motivators, and friends.  I had people tell me at different times to hit the ground running.  But I’ve never had anyone literally tell me to run and I don’t have a choice because if I don’t, he’ll chase my ass.  Literally and figuratively.

This is Jay Bowser:  unapologetic to anyone who expects him to be anyone other than himself, unorthodox views, practical life experiences, clever as all hell, and reputable intentions.