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Run Steady! Run Positive!

The Van Jura Family, Jersey’s friends, and other folks from the Harrisburg community were a motley running crew a couple weeks ago at the Jersey Mike Run!

It’s always nice to see so many people come together for a good cause and to remember our friend, Mike… Not once, but two years in a row and hopefully many years to come at the Jersey Mike 5K. And seriously, cheers to all of us for making something positive out of our loss.

Thank you to everyone for the exceptional amount of hugs, love, and “HEY DANI FRESH!” outbursts at the race. Everything is cool!

For those of you who asked me about purchasing prints or files, here’s a link to do that! http://danifresh.zenfolio.com/p156772199
If you asked me about purchasing file, just email me: dani@danifresh.com

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Lucero and J Roddy Walston & the Business

Last Tuesday night Lucero and J Roddy Walston & the Business were in Harrisburg at the Abbey Bar.  People got pumped.  People came together.  And it was AWESOME.

Most of you know, I have the biggest lady boner for Lucero.  I adore the bluesy southern punk music.  Its genuine, honest, and humble.  I can relate to the songs but know that its not my story, its theirs.  And although my ideal shooting scenario would be photographing them just sitting around telling stories, I wanted to document them in whatever way I could.

The Abbey Bar is always happy to see J Roddy Walston & the Business.  I was just glad to meet them for the first time.  I had heard the albums.  They’re way good.  But they don’t do their live show justice.  J Roddy rocks a crowd.

Thank you to Lucero and J Roddy.  We’re not a big city, but we’re a good city and we hope you keep coming back.

With love,

Dani Fresh



On Sunday evening, I shot a few quick images of Conspirator at the Abbey Bar.  Although we know that live shows are not necessarily my bottle of beer, I’ll be trying my hand in it more often.  I have to say, I am super pumped about Lucero and J Roddy on Tuesday at the Abbey Bar!  Hopefully some of you will be able to make it out for that! 



Oh!  And hey, Aaron Miller!