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Black Lives Matter

One of the hundreds of articles that resonated with me over the last few months was written by a woman named Brittany Cooper, titled, “I am utterly undone: My struggle with black rage and fear after Ferguson.” She begins by saying, “If I have to begin by convincing you that Black Lives Matter, we have all already lost, haven’t we? So let’s not begin there. Let’s begin at the end. At the end there is only Michael Brown Jr.’s dead body, no justice, and weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Be still, my heart. Black America is speaking right now, and we should be listening…

So, this is Georgi.


And this is what she has to say:

On Saturday I attended a Die-in for Mike Brown and other victims of police brutality. I was pleased that people of all ages, races and walks of life were willing to brave the cold in support of change. Though police brutality is an issue that has historically plagued the black community at higher rates than other ethnic groups, it is not a black issue. It is an American issue. We shout that Black Lives Matter not because any other life is less important, but because it is not something that is often said. The message that we are sent when we see images of black bodies laying dead and exposed is that black lives are expendable. We are here to correct that narrative. We, as Americans, must stand against the idea that any of us should be allowed to be treated this way. We must have the courage to have open, difficult discussions about our collective history. We must actively work to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones. We must learn to love, forgive and trust again. The conversations will be messy at first, sometimes we will disagree but if we cannot find the courage to begin the dialogue, nothing will ever change. The Harrisburg police department did an excellent job of offering us support as we peacefully protested and made our voices heard, and we would like to invite them to join the dialogue. Together we can build a brighter future, for Harrisburg and beyond. (Georgianna Hicks)



Have you met Justin Arawjo and Joëlle Workman of Fennec Design?! Maybe they’ve caught your eye selling screen prints, custom clothing, jewelry, etc. at the Home Grown Market or other local craft markets? Perhaps you’ve sorted through or bought their clothes and jewelry from Stash Collective? Or you’ve seen their designs scattered all over this town and just not known the mastermind, power couple behind them… Yeah, I said it. They’re a Harrisburg Power Couple. Work-a-holics. Design geniuses. They’re what the fuck is up.

At the end of the summer Justin and Joëlle commandeered me to photograph their Fall/Winter Lookbook. Like most new and unfamiliar projects, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now, don’t you think for one moment that I’m implying that this is a bad thing. It’s a very good thing– this job was challenging, educating, exhausting, but most of all, rewarding. I could bore you with details, but I perceive it’s more valuable for everyone to know that we worked our asses off and we loved it. I’m so proud of what we did together.






Thank you. To Justin and Joëlle, might I remind you that I admire the two of you and your work. To our models: Elena, Eric, Hanniel, Erin, Georgianna, Amanda, and Nora. You’re all so lovely. To Megan Heisey for always making things work and making people look great.