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This past week, SHEILA FRANK, a fashion designer and friend from Central PA, asked if Elena Jasic and I would create a few images to help launch her new campaign, #BUYateeGIVEonefree. When you buy a SHEILA FRANK tee, they will donate a plain tee to someone in need at a local shelter. Purchase one here: BUYateeGIVEonefree

I’m a sucker for art and activism all in one neat little package, especially when involves a friend. It’s exciting to see them weave bits of service into their growing businesses… It reminds me why I became friends with them in the first place and that I’m surrounded by warm hearts.

These are portraits we created for the campaign during our sweet little impromptu lady photo date and a few of Elena’s product shots.

Two things are very apparent: Elena is a mega-babe and I look like a little kid.

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My Heart Still Beats Steady in Harrisburg: a Local Magazine Story

Our hearts are beating steady in America.

We want to be the people to share this American tale, one at a time… each town or city where cultures are incubated and incinerated. Where people are creative and lovely with what they can make of their own community. You know, the destinations that aren’t NYC or Boston or DC or Philly. Where there is so much left to be uncovered by medias that neglected the good and in turn, demonized every “other side of the tracks” and consequently, the people that live there. There are gems of history that lest we talk about it, we will forget. And some topics are less heavy but so unique to each region and nurture a great source of pride and local affection. Look with us at the big picture and the grains, the pixels, all at the same time. Follow the dart we’ve thrown at the map. Dart #4 is Harrisburg and for most of us, we were home.

My heart still beats steady in Harrisburg… but you probably already knew that.

I’m so proud of Local: Harrisburg. I’m proud to work with such incredible people. They are infectious. I’m proud that I was a part of chronicling our fair city. Harrisburg rules. I really mean that. I’ve lived in this area for the majority of my life but I stayed here because I found myself surrounded by so much love, inspiration, and friendship. So maybe I am a bit of a sentimental wimp, but doing work like this brings back memories of every genuine exchange I’ve had within the city limits. This is a good city. And this issue of Local is my testimony to how much it means to me. I hope you can pick it up and let it foster your Harrisburg love too.



Elena Jasic

Sometimes people ask me, “Aren’t you and (insert other photographer’s name) competition?” and I usually answer with slight indignation, “NOPE! We all have different jams!” 

Now, don’t take that out of context… Girl’s gotta eat. We all do. But the fact of the matter is, we all have different focus points. (Dammit. Photography puns never get old to me.) Between fashion, boudoir, photojournalism, interiors, weddings, architecture, branding, music, cars, etc, we all have a favorite subject or things we’ve gotten pretty good at photographing. And there is a network of photographers in the Harrisburg area that are challenging each other in a healthy arena, sharing knowledge to help each other grow, and there is always someone to turn to for advice, a second set of eyes, or just plain help. No, I’m not talking about ego maniacal photogs looking to stroke their proverbial gear… I’m talking about genuine, warm hearts that are able to make images in tandem–growing, learning, and inspiring. Everything is way good.

Elena Jasic is one of the aforementioned photographers. Serbian born, self taught, buffalo sauce on everything, and loves cake. Emphasis on the cake. Elena is a friend, colleague, teacher, and inspiration all wrapped up in one sweet package… She’s the best of us, for sure.

Treat your eyeballs:

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Have you met Justin Arawjo and Joëlle Workman of Fennec Design?! Maybe they’ve caught your eye selling screen prints, custom clothing, jewelry, etc. at the Home Grown Market or other local craft markets? Perhaps you’ve sorted through or bought their clothes and jewelry from Stash Collective? Or you’ve seen their designs scattered all over this town and just not known the mastermind, power couple behind them… Yeah, I said it. They’re a Harrisburg Power Couple. Work-a-holics. Design geniuses. They’re what the fuck is up.

At the end of the summer Justin and Joëlle commandeered me to photograph their Fall/Winter Lookbook. Like most new and unfamiliar projects, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now, don’t you think for one moment that I’m implying that this is a bad thing. It’s a very good thing– this job was challenging, educating, exhausting, but most of all, rewarding. I could bore you with details, but I perceive it’s more valuable for everyone to know that we worked our asses off and we loved it. I’m so proud of what we did together.






Thank you. To Justin and Joëlle, might I remind you that I admire the two of you and your work. To our models: Elena, Eric, Hanniel, Erin, Georgianna, Amanda, and Nora. You’re all so lovely. To Megan Heisey for always making things work and making people look great.