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My Heart Still Beats Steady in Harrisburg: a Local Magazine Story

Our hearts are beating steady in America.

We want to be the people to share this American tale, one at a time… each town or city where cultures are incubated and incinerated. Where people are creative and lovely with what they can make of their own community. You know, the destinations that aren’t NYC or Boston or DC or Philly. Where there is so much left to be uncovered by medias that neglected the good and in turn, demonized every “other side of the tracks” and consequently, the people that live there. There are gems of history that lest we talk about it, we will forget. And some topics are less heavy but so unique to each region and nurture a great source of pride and local affection. Look with us at the big picture and the grains, the pixels, all at the same time. Follow the dart we’ve thrown at the map. Dart #4 is Harrisburg and for most of us, we were home.

My heart still beats steady in Harrisburg… but you probably already knew that.

I’m so proud of Local: Harrisburg. I’m proud to work with such incredible people. They are infectious. I’m proud that I was a part of chronicling our fair city. Harrisburg rules. I really mean that. I’ve lived in this area for the majority of my life but I stayed here because I found myself surrounded by so much love, inspiration, and friendship. So maybe I am a bit of a sentimental wimp, but doing work like this brings back memories of every genuine exchange I’ve had within the city limits. This is a good city. And this issue of Local is my testimony to how much it means to me. I hope you can pick it up and let it foster your Harrisburg love too.



Art & Enterprise: Harrisburg’s Entrepreneur Pipeline

Once again, Ole Dan Webster found something right up my alley… A photo story about the serge of young entrepreneurs in Harrisburg and their community collaboration. They’re our local go-getters, movers and shakers, friends, loves, and neighbors. Perhaps you’ve already seen some them in my blog. Maybe you already caught wind of the article by Dan Webster and myself in this month’s The Burg.

“…the artist in each of them should not belie the strong acumen they have for business here in Harrisburg, and as a community, we would do well to keep these folks here for a long time, so we can continue to catalyze and empower this growing paradigm of enterprisers.”

Indeed, Webster.

And here they are:

The Stash ladies Jes Flynn, Jen Merrill, Haley Harned, and Anela Selkowitz hangin’ at Little Amps with Alan Wycheck, Anela’s other business partner from Studio A.

… and high-fives from Liz Laribee.Steph Perry from Yellow Bird Cafe joining this jolly group.Anela doing her thing… Shooting photos.Ammon Perry from Yellow Bird Cafe, Peter Allan from Little Amps, and Adam Brackbill from St@rt  Up Harrisburg getting fresh cuts from Mike Lawler at Lords & Ladies.Peter Allan knows that everyone should have a copy of the last issue of Local: A Quarterly of People and Places.Steph and Ammon Perry checking out the display at the Homegrown Market with Liz Laribee.Liz and Peter getting work done at St@rt Up Harrisburg.Well, maybe with a little distraction from Adam…Adam Brackbill about to crush an awesome sandwich at Yellow Bird Cafe…And last but not least, Aaron Carlson getting dressed in the best by Jes and Anela.

HOT DOG! Another Harrisburg photoing success!