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Gather The Spirit For Justice: Common Ground Cafe

It is one of my favorite places to volunteer.

One of the most remarkable people I have ever photographed in Harrisburg, Naed Smith, introduced me to Common Ground Café. Naed is a neighborly presence in Allison Hill—called to vocation as the manager of the Catholic Worker House on Market Street. He is a tall, burly man who always greets people with literal and proverbial open arms. And, of course, he is almost always present here…


Specifically, at Common Ground Café, they foster a safe, loving space to build community and the people who gather there embody the qualities that are essential to serve our homeless and underserved neighbors.

This is a mash-up of organizers, volunteers, and neighbors who come together for sit-down, restaurant style breakfast every second and last Saturday of the month.

And if it is a thing on your mind or on your heart, they’re always looking for volunteers. I hope you’ll join them.


Thank you to Jeff Sigel from Gather The Spirit and my bud, David Yancey who helped out and made it possible for me to make images in this space. You’re both real swell fellas and I appreciate you, for sure.

Email Clay Lambert at commongroundbreakfast@gmail.com to volunteer.

The MakeSpace

The MakeSpace is a row house converted into artist studios and a community room that is intended for art shows (individual and collaborated), classes, projects, live music, collecting art materials, or whatever the swelling artistic hearts desire.  

I bet I sound like a broken record. The past few months I found myself enthusiastically spewing the phrase, “Have you been to the MakeSpace yet?!” almost on the daily. The opening has ignited immeasurable inspiration. The collaborating MakeSpace artists love this town. Art can be done anywhere but they chose HERE.  Through experiences, networks, and riding together on the same wave length they are existing as a creative catalyst for each other and the City of Harrisburg.

Boom!  Check it!

The Artists:

Leah and Fisher

Ian Kanski

Liz Laribee (Director)

Amanda Owens

Cat Rios

Upcoming events:

Live Music on Wednesday January, 16 at eight o’clock with a $5 suggested donation:  L’ASTRONAUT and HELLO SHARK

Fresh Prints:  a group exhibit is on Friday January, 18 from six o’clock until ten o’clock.
JACKIE BURKE (Harrisburg)
TENNYSON TIPPY (Philadelphia)

Go absorb:  http://hbgmakespace.com