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Brian Marquis & The Warped Family

It’s that time again, another summer coming to an end.. For everyone on Warped Tour it was another year. Another tour. Another grueling, rewarding, gnarly summer.

I’m so impressed every time I spend a day with Brian Marquis, the artists on Acoustic Basement Stage, and the rest of Warped Tour. I’m an outsider welcomed in to experience a family of musicians banded together. The experience is intentional. There’s a reason why all of these musicians are successful and playing on Warped Tour. They’re all charismatic, driven, talented, witty, and clever… I’m fortunate to share moments with people who are inherently hilarious and awesome: Brian Marquis, Vinnie Caruana, Billy The Kid, Will Beckett, Austin Lucas, Allison Weiss, etc.

More specifically, Brian Marquis has been an incredible dude to get to know over the last year. I’m floored by how he manages to produce and play the Acoustic Basement stage every day of tour. His head and heart are in the music, for sure. He’s an asset to every endeavor that he has a hand in and he’s a fairly new addition to my long list of dear friends who are motivators and mentors…

Towards the end of tour though, Brian had a terrifying run in with some lightning. During the Orlando Warped, a storm rolled in and in the midst of trying to secure the stage, protect people, and take cover, he took a hell of a shock. Bluntly, it scared the shit out of him and everyone else. I know that my breath hit the back of my skull and my heart hit the floor but bounced right back into my chest when I read that he had been struck by lightning but was recovering and taking it easy. Brian and everyone that loves him could have certainly done without the literal shock, but damn, we’re fucking grateful this guy is stilling kicking.

And here are some of my favorite live moments from this year at the Acoustic Basement Stage:

Thanks for all the music, guys.

Love, Fresh


Warped Tour 2012: Columbia, MD

My friend, Koji, was invited to play Warped Tour this year and he invited me to join him at Merriweather Pavilion to share his Warped experience.  Real life conversations from no shitting on the bus, to fans who find the hotel where the artists are staying, sorting through your own constructive criticisms, staying young forever, people who can’t spell your name even when you spell it for them, traveling when you can, taking breaks… Every time I see him, I get a renewed sense of motivation.  And we’re doing alright.

I spent most of my afternoon at the Acoustic Basement where Koji played.  It was refuge from the sun and frankly, the one place that I was more inclined to focus my attention.  The stage, run by Brian Marquis, had musicians playing that I’ve been listening to since I discovered music outside of the radio, DIY venues, and friends that I would keep.  I had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Rickly (Thursday) and Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music).  I always hoped that musicians that I listened to and looked up to were good people in real life.  Well, Geoff and Chuck are both down ass dudes.  Or as I like to put it, as good on the inside as they are on the outside.  They remind me of my friends… and that’s a wonderful feeling.

So, along with spending time with friends, meeting good people, and listening to good music, I got to shoot.  Here’s a few from the Acoustic Basement:

John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday/Straylight Run):


Geoff Rickly (Thursday):

Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) accompanied by Jon Gaunt (fiddle) and Joe Ginsberg (bass):