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Some people make art because they enjoy it, some do it to unburden their soul, some people create because its the only thing that completes them, and some people are artists for all of those reasons and are consumed by it.  Life begins and ends with art.

I first met Reina 76 a few years back when Angela Messina was running a gallery called “The Meat Locker.”  Reina was wild and outrageous and her art was the manifestation of her entire existence.  Her pieces were bold and when she talked to me, she was passionate about her art, being surrounded by other artists, and their art as well.  She is still that way.

This is Reina 76 Artist on a rainy afternoon:


Reina Ercilia Aguilar Wooden, known as “Reina 76 Artist” was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Sherman Wooden and Reina Aguilar. Reina 76 lived a life of both rural and metropolitan existences.

As a Graduate of Howard University, Washington DC, with a B.B.A in Business Management, it was presumed the path of business would be Reina 76’s future. It was not. For 10 years, Reina 76 labored to find her identity in her artistic goals as an artist.

Reina 76 was introduced to the paintings of Jean-Michael Basquiat in 2005. It was at this time, her artwork began to take form. Reina 76 left the business world to explore the eccentricities of life. This exposed her to domestic violence, substance abuse, incarceration and individuals viewed as subterranean in a perfect world.

Reina 76 paints for minds that bend in ways society cannot see; for the perceived insane.

Her artwork contains layers of acrylic color outlined with acrylic pen lines that are scribbled and imperfect. Reina 76’s work is shown in progressive art galleries.

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  1. Thomas Rowell

    Saw your interview on news 27. Where is your work illustrated ? My significant other and myself are recent transplants from NYC after thirty years. what’s up GIRL !!!!!!

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