Liz Laribee

“Love community and you will kill it. Love your brother and you will build it.”
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Last Monday, I was much obliged to spend time with and interview the lovely and wonderful, Liz Laribee! Among many things, you may know her as a local artist, the Events Director of the Midtown Scholar, or the jovial and infectious young woman who’s laughter can be recognized almost anywhere. She is also an avid and experienced hug-giver. Here are some snippets from our interview!

DF: What all does your job entail here at the Scholar?

Liz: This is where I operate out of and its very important to me to be involved in helping creative people have an outlet for exhibiting their talents, whether that’s musicians, community organizers, artists, writers, etc. One of the things I love about this place is that its completely poly-culture. There are so many different things happening in and around this space that it brings every socioeconomic demographic through the door. That’s very important to me. It’s a complete representation of the city around me. There are a lot of places everywhere that attract a very specific lens and specific population of people and there’s a place for that, but that’s not my jam. My jam is being involved in the lives of people who are living on the same street as I am and across town and providing a place for them to come mingle because strange and wonderful things happen when disparate people get together.

DF: I agree! There are a lot of places that only cater to one demographic or select demographics but its apparent that isn’t what you want to see here.

Liz: It doesn’t mean necessarily that we’re doing anything better than anyone else but its a matter of understanding who we are, who will be coming here, and what product we are giving them. The product here being hospitality and education in this wonderful mixture. I mean, I work in a bookstore! Which means essentially anybody who wanted to could get a complete education about anything they wanted to by coming through these doors and ingesting whatever is around them culturally, from the books, and the people they’re seeing. I love that! I work in a setting where everybody has the capacity to deepen their experience as a person. And its not just a social gathering either… its based upon just being within the dregs of culture.

After our meeting, it was my hope to capture Liz: a ball of pure love and joy, and a strong and determined woman.

Liz has also founded the Midtown Poets which meets at Midtown Scholar as well as being on the board for 3rd In The Burg. Upcoming events can be found at and at

In other exciting news, Liz has also committed to doing photography for a new magazine coming soon called “Local” which will be created by Dan Webster and Andrew Bargh. (Stay tuned for more on that, folks!)

Please take the time to support her and visit her website!

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