Elena Jasic

Sometimes people ask me, “Aren’t you and (insert other photographer’s name) competition?” and I usually answer with slight indignation, “NOPE! We all have different jams!” 

Now, don’t take that out of context… Girl’s gotta eat. We all do. But the fact of the matter is, we all have different focus points. (Dammit. Photography puns never get old to me.) Between fashion, boudoir, photojournalism, interiors, weddings, architecture, branding, music, cars, etc, we all have a favorite subject or things we’ve gotten pretty good at photographing. And there is a network of photographers in the Harrisburg area that are challenging each other in a healthy arena, sharing knowledge to help each other grow, and there is always someone to turn to for advice, a second set of eyes, or just plain help. No, I’m not talking about ego maniacal photogs looking to stroke their proverbial gear… I’m talking about genuine, warm hearts that are able to make images in tandem–growing, learning, and inspiring. Everything is way good.

Elena Jasic is one of the aforementioned photographers. Serbian born, self taught, buffalo sauce on everything, and loves cake. Emphasis on the cake. Elena is a friend, colleague, teacher, and inspiration all wrapped up in one sweet package… She’s the best of us, for sure.

Treat your eyeballs:

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