Cali Allie!

Whelp, it’s a new year again. Harrisburg is going through some changes, the weather has been pretty brutal, but good things are still happening in our neck of the woods. In fact, I feel like I’m backlogged… No, I am backlogged. So, prepare your hearts, your newsfeed is going to be bombarded with photos and blogs that I’ve been saving up to share.

One of my favorite neighbors, squeeze hugger, always smiling, forever joyful barista, Allie Schuh left our winter wonderland last week for warmer weather and an awesome new job in LA. Cali Allie is going to be the new Associate Director of the Center for Student Missions and will be helping to bridge the gap between churches who want to come into the city to serve and volunteer and non-profit organizations that need volunteers. Center for Student Missions supports organizations such as the LA Food Bank, Midnight Mission, The Los Angeles Mission, and the Salvation Armies in South LA and Compton.

I think (and maybe some of you do too…) that Allie was always on a path to help others. I’m so glad she found a vehicle to do so (even if I’m feeling bittersweet about not keeping her around).

Allie, we’re going to freakin’ miss you in Harrisburg. Good luck, you gem!



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