Aaron’s Mug & Little Amps Downtown

(Heh.  See what I did there?  I’m so punny.)

I’m going to go ahead and say that Aaron Carlson is the Coffee Champion of Harrisburg.  For crying out loud, he’s the only one in the area who roasts his own coffee and it’s freakin’ delicious.  For over a year, his one location in Olde Uptown has been tucked away on the corner of Green and Muench for me to roll out of bed, mosey across the street, and get my daily fix.  Maybe I’m just a lucky little lady, but I couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood coffee shop/record store/music venue.  I’m totally pickin’ up what Aaron’s puttin’ down.

Bright and early this past Monday morning, Little Amps new location opened downtown on State and Second.  I’m pretty jazzed for the rest of Harrisburg to try a good cup of joe.  Cat’s out of the bag, party people, go check out the new shop!







3 thoughts on “Aaron’s Mug & Little Amps Downtown

  1. Rich Hauck

    Actually, St. Thomas Roasters has been roasting their own coffee for years.

    Little Amps definitely satisfies the style of coffee I got accustomed to in NY (if you couldn’t tell by how often I’m there!).

    1. danifresh Post author

      Ah! I completely forgot about St. Thomas Roasters… You’re right!

      Oh yeah, Little Amps satisfies. As I sit here sipping on my daily fix. Haha.

      I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you at Little Amps? Although, I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes.

  2. Rich Hauck

    For the record, St. Thomas Roasters has been roasting their own coffee beans since 2000. Little Amps has definitely satisfied my appetite for the coffee I grew accustomed to in NYC, though.

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