Freefall, Jay, and a Hundred Unhappy Seagulls.

Sometimes your business is a lifestyle.

Jay Bowser isn’t just a talker, he’s a doer.  He’s fused everything in his life together and made himself into a compelling, dynamic tool performing interactive branding for businesses.  And don’t blink, because my man moves fast.  Business, life, wit, and damn, that guy can run.

Life and business combined, he’s a motivator and a friend.  I have awesome mentors, motivators, and friends.  I had people tell me at different times to hit the ground running.  But I’ve never had anyone literally tell me to run and I don’t have a choice because if I don’t, he’ll chase my ass.  Literally and figuratively.

This is Jay Bowser:  unapologetic to anyone who expects him to be anyone other than himself, unorthodox views, practical life experiences, clever as all hell, and reputable intentions.

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