Daily Archives: April 14, 2012


At the end of March and right on into April, Ole Brian Roy and I went to Dallas.  Strange vacation spot you might think?  Oh, hell no.  Aside from visiting friends, Dallas is an amazing area to visit.  Just in Addison, there is a strip of 180 restaurants in 3 miles.  If you can dream it up, they have it.  Personal Dallas favorites:  The Flying Saucer (150+ beers on tap?  Boom), I Luv Pho (THE BEST PHO EVER.  NO CONTEST), Pete’s Piano Bar (Which we sadly missed this time), EatZi’s Market and Bakery (Best sandwiches ever and crazy selections to build your own 6 pack), The Meddlesome Moth (Any bar who’s slogan is “Chances are if you’ve seen a commercial for it, we don’t have it.” is a serious beer turn-on), and In and Out Burger (Yeah, that’s right.  A fast food joint).  Aside from my obsession with craft beer and good food, the architecture is beautiful and the scenery is fascinating.  Its has a completely different feel than cities in the north and its no secret, I’m not an architectural photographer but this city had my attention, for sure.  Here are just a few images I shot in downtown Dallas with Brian: 

Ha.  Phallic building. 

More to come are a few images from Dinosaur Valley and Glenn Rose, TX!  Yes, I saw dinosaur footprints.  That’s real life.