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Lucero and J Roddy Walston & the Business

Last Tuesday night Lucero and J Roddy Walston & the Business were in Harrisburg at the Abbey Bar.  People got pumped.  People came together.  And it was AWESOME.

Most of you know, I have the biggest lady boner for Lucero.  I adore the bluesy southern punk music.  Its genuine, honest, and humble.  I can relate to the songs but know that its not my story, its theirs.  And although my ideal shooting scenario would be photographing them just sitting around telling stories, I wanted to document them in whatever way I could.

The Abbey Bar is always happy to see J Roddy Walston & the Business.  I was just glad to meet them for the first time.  I had heard the albums.  They’re way good.  But they don’t do their live show justice.  J Roddy rocks a crowd.

Thank you to Lucero and J Roddy.  We’re not a big city, but we’re a good city and we hope you keep coming back.

With love,

Dani Fresh


Meg, Dennis Hopper, and Olive Juice

This is my dear friend, Megan. When she little, she was VERY good at catching frogs and when it was time to go home, she’d stick them in her pockets. Once she was safely in her bedroom, she’d place them in shoeboxes and hide them under her bed… where she would usually forget about them, they’d die, and start to stink up her room. As a result of the smell, it wasn’t long before her mom caught on… When Meg went home, her mom started to check her hands and if they were dirty she knew Megan had frogs in her pockets. To Megan’s dismay, they would be confiscated and set free. But Megan, she was a pretty smart kid. She wised up and knew that if she didn’t want to get caught with those frogs in her pockets she’d have to clean her hands off before she went home to be able to fool her inspector.

This is my dear friend, Megan. She’s still very good at catching frogs.

Okay, she really is. But she didn’t catch this one. We had a few drinks at Underdog and decided it was a good idea to go to the pet store and buy her a new pet. Ha! She named him Dennis Hopper. He’s a tomato frog who eats crickets and sings at night.

“When people ask me what I like most about myself I tell them, one, I’m short so I don’t bump my head on things and two, I’m very good at keeping secrets.”

Its moments like these when I’m elated that I’m a photographer. I love documenting people like her.

Cheers to Megan who is one of the most endearing people I know. Olive juice, Meg. xo


On Sunday evening, I shot a few quick images of Conspirator at the Abbey Bar.  Although we know that live shows are not necessarily my bottle of beer, I’ll be trying my hand in it more often.  I have to say, I am super pumped about Lucero and J Roddy on Tuesday at the Abbey Bar!  Hopefully some of you will be able to make it out for that!

Oh!  And hey, Aaron Miller!



National Association of Social Workers: Legislative Advocacy Day

On March 27th, about six hundred social workers gathered at the Capitol Rotunda to advocate for legislation to protect their profession, advocate for bachelor level licensing, and celebrate the pride that binds all of these dedicated professionals.  Specifically, they are pushing for Senate Bill 922 to be passed which is practice protection and BSW licensing.  The rally consisted of so many warm, smiling people.  These are genuine individuals who are devoting their time to improve the lives of others.  Cheers to them for helping to strengthen our society!


At the end of March and right on into April, Ole Brian Roy and I went to Dallas.  Strange vacation spot you might think?  Oh, hell no.  Aside from visiting friends, Dallas is an amazing area to visit.  Just in Addison, there is a strip of 180 restaurants in 3 miles.  If you can dream it up, they have it.  Personal Dallas favorites:  The Flying Saucer (150+ beers on tap?  Boom), I Luv Pho (THE BEST PHO EVER.  NO CONTEST), Pete’s Piano Bar (Which we sadly missed this time), EatZi’s Market and Bakery (Best sandwiches ever and crazy selections to build your own 6 pack), The Meddlesome Moth (Any bar who’s slogan is “Chances are if you’ve seen a commercial for it, we don’t have it.” is a serious beer turn-on), and In and Out Burger (Yeah, that’s right.  A fast food joint).  Aside from my obsession with craft beer and good food, the architecture is beautiful and the scenery is fascinating.  Its has a completely different feel than cities in the north and its no secret, I’m not an architectural photographer but this city had my attention, for sure.  Here are just a few images I shot in downtown Dallas with Brian: 

Ha.  Phallic building. 

More to come are a few images from Dinosaur Valley and Glenn Rose, TX!  Yes, I saw dinosaur footprints.  That’s real life.

Rock Paper Records presents: MINSHARA.

Right before I left for my much needed vacation, I had the pleasure of shooting these guys with the help of Sean, Logan, and Jay from RPR.  They’re super pumped after recently being signed by the record label and are anticipating a trip to LA in the coming weeks.  I was very lucky to get to work with the combined group of dedicated and talented guys.   

(left to right)  Aaron Miller (he’s the sexy one), Dan Lucas, Tony Kobel, and Michael Villegas.

More to come!

And special thanks to Sean for putting together the lighting fixtures!

Do yourself a favor and check them out:!/minsharamusic

Nina Scarcia

Two weekends ago, Nina and I packed up the car and made our way out to Easton, PA to shoot her promotional photos.  The day was a success, the sun and the whiskey were warm, the setting was new and interesting, the railroad and the river were gnar…

Ladies and gents, I present to you, Nina Scarcia:


You can catch Nina coming up soon!  

April 22nd at the First Annual Market Madness Bike Race and Community Outreach Fundraiser at 10am accompanied with Natalie Mckee.  The event goes from 9am-5pm at the Broad Street Market on 3rd and Verbeke St in Midtown Harrisburg. Proceeds will benefit The Joshua Group and HBG4Kids.

April 27-29th at the Some Kind of Jam 7 music festival in Schuykill Haven, PA.  For more info go to